Tools I Use

I am often asked what tools I use in and around the shop and decided to put together a list!  Some of these are affiliate links which help keep the lights on.

Snappy 48050 - Izzy Kit

My most used Snappy tools all in one exclusive kit!

10 Million Dollar Stick 

This safety device is one I get asked about all the time. It's designed for holding small pieces of material when cutting them on the miter saw. It is worth its wait in gold.  Always play it safe folks!

2-P10 Adhesive Kit 

For those of you who watch my videos you know I am a huge fan of Fastcap's 2p-10 C.A. glues. This is a great kit and very handy to have around the shop for the quick glue ups.

Bailey Chisel Set

It is scary how expensive quality woodworking chisels can be. This Bailey chisel set is a big bang for the buck. Great quality for a reasonable price. I love mine! 

Stanley Block Plane

While I am not big on hand planes, having a good block plane in the shop is invaluable for quick jobs like breaking edges, quick clean ups and so much more. This little block plane is a work horse and the one I highly recommend.  

Hitachi D13VF Drill

This drill is a work horse. I have used mine in 90 percent of my drill powered tool builds and after 3 years of abuse it is still going strong. 

Porter Cable Router

This router is a great entry level router and is packed with power and is tough for all day use. It is easy to adjust and can handle big jobs. While its not the best, it's hard to beat the price tag. 

Chamfer Counter Sinks

I get asked about these counter sink a lot. they are very handy for getting nice smooth counter sinks on holes that have already been drilled and also work great on soft metals.

Reach Deep Hole Marker 

As silly as it sounds, I probably get asked more about the deep reach markers that I use in my video then anything else. They do come in handy for pattern marking and hard to reach areas.


Bosch 18v Combo Kit 

While it certainly is not the the most cost effective drill/driver combo kit, in all my years of using cordless, this is by far the best set I have ever owned. 

Bosch Jigsaw 

While you may hear many different opinions on drills and other hand tools, most pros agree the Bosch jig saws are the best workingman jigsaws on the market. The JS470EE 7 - AMP is my favorite to date. 

Double Edge Japanese Hand Saw 

For years I used the Bear or Irwin version of this hand saw thinking it was good enough. When I finally got my hand on one, I knew right away I was never going to buy another Irwin saw.  These saws are awesome. 


Dozuki "Z" Saw 

When it comes to very accurate hand cutting saws, this baby is great! Dovetails and joint cuts are no problem for this saw and the extremely thin cut kerf make controlling the cut much easier then typical push cut saws.

3 in 1 Marking Gauge 

This is a well built marking gauge that come with 3 styles of marking wheels for handling most situations you would need a gauge for. It is robust and most of all very affordable. 

Stanley Pocket Knife

K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid.  Haha!  Over the years I have had a couple fancy marking gauges, but I always seem to come back to my old trusty folding razor knife for marking cut lines and layout.

DEWALT Random Orbit Sander Kit

When it comes to palm sanders, I'm a big fan of the DEWALTs. They feel great in the hand and are easy to control. The results are great and best of all they are very affordable. 


Bosch Colt Router

This is hands down a great little trim router. I will reach for this router much more often then I reach for the big one. If you want a great little work horse that feel great and is comfortable, this router is great. 

Bosch Router Combo 

When is come to a good solid router for pros, this combo from Bosch is my favorite. It's very comfortable to use and well balanced. It is easy to get great results with this router system. 

Kiss Drill Bit System 

The kiss bit system is awesome! It is easy to keep organized and fast to find the drill bit you need not to mention very affordable.  This drill bit system gets the best bang for the buck vote.

Neoprene Carbon Safety Mask - Multi-Purpose Dust Mask

Although you won't see me wear this in videos, I always use it when doing a lot of cutting or jobs that make a ton of dust. It's comfortable, gets the job done, and is great for big guys as well.

Ridgid Cordless Palm Impact Screwdriver

This little beast is the newest addition to my shop and I am loving how much control it offers, it's great for tight places and is perfect for light case work. It feels great in the hand and instantly feels natural and comfortable to use .