What is the Tool Masters Association?

  • The Tool Masters Association is first and foremost a discount tool purchasing program, but so much more!
  • TMA is a central resource for passionate beginners, hobbyists, & professionals alike.
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  • Quality discounts from a wide variety of customer friendly merchants
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Online Training Courses


Understanding Design 101
Instructor: Izzy Swan

In this special class, Izzy leans on his decades of experience in creating furniture and covers the ins and outs of design both in and out of the workshop.

April 4th (1 of 1)


Woodturning 101
Instructor: Carl Jacobson

In this 3 week live video series, Carl covers the basics of Woodturning and what you need to know to get started!  
So hop on your lathe, or snag one from a TMA merchant and join us!

March 14th(1 of 3)

Intro to Fusion 360
Instructor: Ben Brandt

In this 6 week live video series, Ben covered the fundamentals of Fusion 360 and how it can help your workflow as a maker.  This powerful software can be used in planning your build, design visualization, generating plan sets and even setup to interface with a 3D printer or CNC machine!

Required Software: AutoDesk Fusion 360 (Free)

(1 of 6)
(2 of 6)
(3 of 6)
(4 of 6)
(5 of 6)
(6 of 6)

Our Awesome Instructors

Our Fusion 360 courses are taught by Ben Brandt. With a professional background in manufacturing engineering, Ben brings years of experience working with AutoCAD, Solidworks, and more. Ben will walk you though the concepts of 3D modeling through live demonstration so nothing will be missed and questions can be answered along the way.
The instructor for the Art and Design course should need no introduction.  A New York City native, Jimmy DiResta, has an extensive background in making, design and TV/video production. He also happens to teach Art and Design at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  You can find more of Jimmy's work on many YouTube channels, including Make: Magazine's, core77 and even his own.
Our Intro to Wood Turning series is lead by none other than Carl Jacobson.  No stranger to the lathe, Carl masterfully demonstrates his passion and proficiency for wood turning in almost every project he produces! One glance at his YouTube channel or his website and you will see a wide variety of original and pop culture influenced creations on display.
Our Abstract Design Course is taught by the ever talented Rebecca DeGroot.  Having a double major in Art Education and Sculpture & Functional Art combined with being a fulltime high school art teacher, Rebecca is force to be reckoned with!  Inspired by nature and the inherent beauty of the materials she uses, Rebecca brings life to her art in a very organic yet mechanical way. Checkout her work on YouTube or at  rebeccadegroot.com
The Art of Rustic Design is taught by the Izzy Swan himself.  A 30 year veteran in the rustic furniture design industry, Izzy takes a creative thinkers approach to woodworking.  He is always happy to share his experience and knowledge with others, even while piloting a 15+ feet tall drill powered T-Rex named Bob.  For examples of his work, just take a look around this site. 😀


For the month of April, we will be giving away a 12 inch Miter Saw!!

Monthly Build Offs

The Build off for the month of April is to make a end table.  All entries need to be in by April 25th! We will be announcing the winner shortly!
Checkout the Facebook page for more info!

Team TMA

Izzy Swan - Getting Jiggy with It

If you would like to know about Izzy, click on the "About" link on the top of this page. Duh. 😛

Wes Swain - Website Dude

From the digital to the tangible, Wes likes to make things of all kinds.  Armed with a background in digital art, a love for geeky pop culture and a workshop, he created Geeksmithing as an outlet for his creative passions to keep him sane.  Any excuse to make something using a new material or technique he is all about it.  If you like making and a healthy dose of nostalgia, check him out at Geeksmithing or his weekly podcast at MakingGeeks.com!

Ben Brandt -  Graphic Design Dude

With a passion for technology, engineering, and art in many forms, Ben enjoys being creative in a variety of ways. With hobbies ranging from woodworking to electronics, and 3D CAD to video editing, Ben brings it all together and shares his projects online to inspire and engage the maker community. Check out Ben's work on YouTube or visit B2Builds.com

Chad Grosklags - Social Media Dude

Chad has a passion for learning new things.  His youtube channel, ManCrafting,  is a way of documenting the learning process and sharing what he has learned with others. Known mostly for powdercoating, his interests include welding, 3D printing, lasers and wood working.  You can find him on most social media platforms under ManCrafting or at ManCraftingTM.com