Homemade Router Jig – Bench Top Turn Table

I have this idea about using a gear reduction system to create a large turntable on top of my workbench. To make the turn table I needed a right angle drive and found a 40:1 right angle gear reduction on eBay. (I am talking to a distributor about getting them for viewers that might be interested in using one)







After making a simple mounting plate I mounted it under my work bench and installed a shaft to drive the system with a drill. I am going to do some wild and crazy things with this turn table but, to keep things simple I tested it out with a router sled that ride over the top of the turn table.









With just a simple router sled I was able to very quickly plane the surface of an oak slab using as surfacing router bit. I also ran a half inch spiral bit over the surface to see how it preformed and it too did a nice job, while it took a bit longer then the surfacing bit the end results were also good.







I have spent a fair amount of time over the years using a router sled on end grain cutting board and log cut off and am kicking myself for not trying this sooner the amount of time saved this way is huge.





After playing with the surfacing application I also dished out a small bowl very quickly and experimented with setting the sled at an angle to create sloped profiles which also worked really well. The last thing I tried was doing some off axis stuff to make decorative patterns and again I was happy with the speed and results.

I am already working on the next add on for my bench top turntable and am really excites to test some more ideas.





If you would like to try the router bits I used on this project follow this link: http://bpway.com/collections/amana-tools-used-in-izzys-turn-table-router-slide and type in think at the check out to save 10% off retail pricing.

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