Izzy’s Dog Hole Clamp


There are advantages to having a web designer who is also a woodworker. For instance, the conversation we had the other night night about the price of clamps for dog hole benches. It was that conversation and Jeff’s input that lead to this Build.  We don’t always see eye to eye but, one of the things we both agree on is that adjustable bench whole or clamps are really expensive.
So after talking for a short while and with a little prodding from Jeff to design an adjustable dog whole bench clamp. The 2 things I wanted to focus on was cost and make ability, they need to be really inexpensive to make and pretty easy to build. No sense in spending a bunch of time to build something to save only a few bucks. After all, time is money!
The two kinds of clamps that I make and use all the time one of them are toggle/lever clamps and the all mighty wedge clamp. In this case a toggle clamp lends itself nicely to making an adjustable bench clamp. We did make plans for this build and have them available here. While the plans are pretty self explanatory, I touch on some of the tricky point in the build video to clear up any questions that might come up. There is also a 1:1 print out included for the cam handle (all other parts are easily duplicated).
I did make two clamps to see if  oak would out preform the  plywood.  While it felt a touch more sturdy I don’t believe the the difference was enough to run out and purchase oak for this project the plywood version was just as efficient in my mind, I guess time will tell if the oak will out last the ply.