Impossible Folding Bench

With all the buzz these days about tiny homes  and living smaller furniture has been getting more and more attention when it stores easy, folds away or is multi-functional. This project does just that. It was inspired by a folding coffee table I saw on line. I loved the idea and thought it would be really cool if I could take it a step further and make even more compact.
Enter stage left – a bench that folds into a sofa table and also into a full size kitchen table when needed.  The biggest challenge to this build was the duel folding hinges that let the wings fold when the top is closed and vice versa.
I would call this project a discovery build not a finish product. Often time if I am not 100 percent on a build I will do a quick build just to work out some of the issues that might come up.
During a discovery project I don’t spend time on getting my joinery just right and I don’t bother with a number of steps that I would if it was something I planned on keeping around.
The box joints were all cut with a jig saw and over exaggerated to avoid potential hang ups. The material was pretty much left in the rough and as long as thing were somewhat close I left it and moved on to the aspect of the build.
Happily it all worked out and the time spent on building this discovery piece was well spent. Know when I am ready to I know exactly what to change and what under lying issues can be arise and how to fix the problem before it starts.
This was a fun project that I am certain I will revisit and build a finished version for my family. With a lot of my wife’s family close by extra seating and table space is always needed for get togethers and holiday function.
Thank you for taking the time to come check out the article and website. I will have plans up for this project in the future.