Izzy’s Got A New Website & A Crazy Fast Drill Powered Wrench!

Hey everyone — hope you’re having a good weekend. Here’s what’s going on in the workshop:

I launched my new IzzySwan.com website this weekend. I’ve retired the “THINK Woodworks” name and decided to use the one my mama gave me. You’ll find new videos, woodworking projects, inventions, woodworking plans, and tools at the new website from now on. It’s a complete redesign that I think you’ll enjoy. I certainly do.



This weekend is also the official launch of my DPT Wrench. The Drill Powered Through Wrench is the fastest, easiest way to work with all-thread (threaded rod) available. I’m selling 300 numbered “signature edition” DPT wrenches on the site for $135 each. These wrenches are designed, manufactured, and assembled entirely in the USA by skilled machinists using aluminum and hardened steel.

They are a rock-solid product for tradespeople, enthusiastic hobbyists, and anyone else who wants to support small-scale American manufacturing. Once these 300 are gone, we move to full-scale production, and the signature series is retired forever.


Last night was also episode 4 of The Mega Maker Show, featuring Jimmy Diresta, Brian Way and myself. This show is a conversation among industry professionals about the finer points of making as a career. Previous guests include Joel Telling, Greg Porter, Andy Birkey, Ben Brandt, and Brian Way — all career makers with decades of experience. The show is streamed live on Saturday nights at 9:00 PM Eastern on my second channel, “What Izzy Up To” (get it?). We take questions from the audience. It’s a lot of fun, so stop by and check it out!

As you can probably tell, it’s been a pretty full week, and next week is looking full as well, so: enjoy your Sunday, check out the website, and I’ll catch you all again soon. Make sure you’re subscribed to my main channel for my regular videos (2-3 times weekly) and my second channel for the Mega Maker Show (every Saturday night).

Thanks! Now: go have some fun!